You know there is a difference from the group that is the oppressors and being in a group that is not oppressed? Your comment has contradictions.

White men are not oppressors. But, oppressors have been predominately white men. Don’t get these confused. If your goal is to end the oppression, when you conflate these two you push white men to move from the latter group to the former. Since most power rests with white men today, the goal should be to move them the other way.

I am a white male, but I am not an oppressor. But, because I am a white male, there are ways in which I am less oppressed than other groups in certain contexts. It is fundamentally wrong for me to have that advantage based on my skin color, but I did not ask for it and I can’t make it stop. I am an advocate for things we can do to compensate or correct for it until it goes away — if ever. In my work that also extends beyond racial and gender differences. If you were born in the United States, you have enormous privilege you did nothing to deserve and a lot of it is the result of the oppression of others.

So, I take offense when someone says “white males are oppressors”, even if I am silent about how I feel — usually because I know the audience doesn’t care what I think or feel about it…because I am a white male.

Now, you could say that’s fine and what I deserve. But, then you are left with only one option: stop the oppression by force, rather than persuasion. Take the power away with a fight. And, if you start punching all white men, don’t you think they will start punching back — even some potential allies?

I agree with you that punching down is not sporting and punching above your weight is admirable. But, using stereotypes is not OK. In punching sports, its called a “cheap shot” and causes disqualification.

Do you also really think that white men are in no way oppressed? This group is still part of a larger group, all men. And, men can be drafted into war and killed. Women still don’t face that form of oppression. There are plenty of other examples if you’d ever look at a mens’ rights website, i.e. custody, sentencing, suicide, etc.

We really all need to be more careful about our language, especially when it is used to stereotype and classify people.

It all boils down to whether the “victim” is trying to cause change or just impress their friends. It’s usually pretty easy to tell.

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