You may be underplaying the role of biology.

“nearly 1 in every 5 will be raped in their lifetime” …”These statistics give us a picture of negative outcomes for both men and women that come largely from patriarchal socialization”.

How much of this imbalance in men raping women vs women rapping men is because of testosterone and greater strength. Without the structure of patriarchy, the stats would be worse. It served human evolution well. It created a system where a woman could be protected by other men.

I wish there was a way women could experience high levels of testosterone in order to better understand the self-control required not to gaze.

Of course, we have to move on now. It is not appropriate for our times. But, Patriarchy has done more to stop women from being rapped than causing women to be rapped.

There is also too much confusion about toxic masculinity (which is a bad marketing term for male dominance behaviors) and Patriarchy. The latter being that a relatively few males in charge and making the rules for everyone. Patriarchy is a social construct. Much of so-called toxic masculinity stems from innate biological differences that the social construct needs to regulate. Just look at primate studies.

Overall, though, a good piece that provides some refreshing balance to the discussion.

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