You said, “I wouldn’t work for a company…” I and was taking from my experience working for corporations. Anyway, that is not relevant to my point. Let’s call it “the workplace”.

I’ve seen more qualified men get passed over for promotion because they didn’t’ have the right style, same as women.

Why are you limiting your call to just women? Men also tell men how to dress and men and women tell each other how to dress. Bosses to subordinates and mentors to mentees, etc.

My point is simply that I don’t see why this is a women’s issue. I agree with Ken; it applies to everyone. I’m not picking a fight here. I’m not accusing you of saying it is only a woman’s issue. You are writing about your experience as a woman. I’m commenting on mine as a man. That’s all. Not allowed?

You have 29 comments so far and besides me only one other from a man. We’re not allowed to publicly care too much about such things.

On the bright side, I don’t think dress conformity is as rigid as it was decades ago.

I won’t write an article about how this affects men too. I’d be laughed at or called an MRA. I’ve said enough.

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