You wrote: “No man would ever understand how it feels to not have complete control over [his] own body”.

I gave an example of the military draft. In that case, men DO know how it feels not to have complete control over their own bodies. The last draft was 1972, so those men know (except the dead ones). And all men know that they could lose control over what happens to their body, if the draft is instituted again.

My statement isn’t a position on women’s reproductive rights. It is simply demonstrating that your reasoning is flawed. There are countless examples of people who for no fault of their own are subject to control over their body by others.

Make your case for reproductive rights, but I suggest you drop this line of reasoning. Not having control over one's own body is not an exclusive preview of women. Make the case instead that no one who is innocent should be denied control over their own body. Then we come back to the question of rights of the fetus’ over control of its own body.

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