Your heart is in the right place, but your logic if flawed.

"Masculine, gay men (even those white and cis-gendered) are considered outside the norm because they want to dominate other men instead of dominating women. Women are meant to be dominated — by men."

Misogyny is about domination of women. In the case of male homosexuality, it is about domination of other men - in your own words. This is precisely why it is NOT misogyny. In many gay relationships, no one is fem.

Even in the most painfully stretched definition of misogyny, it is hated of women, not the feminine. And, as fem men prove, it isn't only women who are allowed to be fem, is it? So, think up a new word for it. Misogyny is already taken.,a%20hatred%20of%20men%2C%20and%20%22

In fact, I would say in normal contemporary relationships, it is not about domination. But, that is another discussion.

And what does "white" have to do with any of your reasoning for misogyny. You're really going all out for virtue points. aren't you?

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